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Looking for an arts-focused after school program for your child? You’ve come to the right place! Now registering for Spring 2020!

We have the best dancers, musicians and artists in the business keeping your kids busy after school! And we pick up from most local schools! Children engage in one focused hour of performing and visual arts instruction every day of the program, led by experienced professionals. Priced from $21-$25/day. Both our fall and spring sessions conclude with an in-studio performance and art showing.

Daily schedule:

3-3:30 pm - arrive at studio

3:30-4:15 pm - homework, snack, quiet activity


5:30-6: pick-up


(Available Monday - Friday)

Our after school kids have so much energy in the after school hours! Our solution: get them in the dance studio! After school dance class happens between 4:15-5:30.

Mondays & Tuesdays - After School Tap (Ms. Pam, Ms. Jaye)

Wednesday - After School Theater Dance (Ms. Simi)

Thursdays & Fridays - After School Jazz/Hip Hop (Mr. Charming)


(Available Thursday)

Our after school kids can be as loud as they want in our music room. After school drumming class happens from 4:30-5:30 on Thursdays with Mr. Clayton Carothers.


(Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Our after school kids learn the basics of drawing, painting, color, line and shape. They also help us make backdrops and props for our bi-annual recitals. Art classes happen from 4:30-5:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday classes are led by Ms. Ebony Bennett. Friday classes are led by Mr. Charming LeGrand.

How to sign up//general rules:

1) Please pay online or in person to secure your child's space. Tuition is accepted by the session. Installment payments are allowed, if a debit/credit card is placed on file.

2) Our program instructs children in the performing and visual arts, while also giving neighborhood families a safe, fun and positive environment for their kids in the after school hours.

3) Children who enter the program are expected to participate fully in their chosen class each day. Children who are not interested in participating fully in a group class environment are advised to seek a different after school program.

3) We take respectful behavior very seriously. We reserve the right to remove children from the program at any time due to behavior issues that could harm themselves or others. Please refer to our After School Code of Conduct.

Register for the most popular after school program in Fairmount/Brewerytown!