Intermediate Flamenco - Summer Series

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Intermediate Flamenco - Summer Series


Join Amy Schofield - La Éimi for 6 weeks of Intermediate Flamenco! 
(No class July 4th or July 25th)

June 20, June 27, July 11, July 18, August 1, August 8

7:00 pm
INTERMEDIATE FLAMENCO TECHNIQUE: This class will focus on applying the principles of flamenco dance technique by working toward:

• More complex footwork (zapateo) to improve speed, agility, efficiency, and strength. The incorporation of select tap dance steps will expand students' vocabulary and ability to express sounds and rhythms.
• Larger variety of arm and hand work/port de bras (braceo)
• More intricate movement patterns that mark the beat (marcaje)
• Advanced turns (vueltas)
• Locomotor movements across the floor will combine skills of the upper and lower body.
• Longer combinations of movement allow dancers to expand their ability to memorize movement sequences and execute choreography.

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